Current Members


Dr. Raza Abidi (Professor)Raza Abidi
Research interests: Knowledge Management; Intelligent Information and Web-Service Personalization; Health Informatics.
Dr. Samina Abidi (Assistant Professor)
samina.abidi@dal.caSamina Abidi
Research interests: Clinical Decision Support; Health Knowledge Modeling and Computerization; Patient Centered Care; Comorbid Care Planning; Knowledge Translation; Health Information Systems Design and Health Systems Evaluation.
Samuel StewartSamuel Stewart
Research interests: Natural Language Processing; Semantic Mapping; Semantic Knowledge Acquisition; Semantic Linking; Electronic Health Record Deployment; Social Network Analysis; Tag Cloud Similarity; Big Data Analysis; Real Time Dashboards; Statistical Analysis
William Van Woensel
Research interests: Knowledge Representation and Reasoning (KRR); Machine Learning; Ontology; Semantic Web; Context-Awareness; Activity Recognition; Mobile Computing; Health Informatics.

PhD Scholars

Tarek Dandashy
Research interests: Activity Recognition, Assisted Living, Health Informatics and Artificial intelligence
Ali Daowddaowd

Research interests: eHealth; public health informatics; patient self management; patient-oriented care; health data visualization; and behaviour change
Nelofar Kureshi
Research interests: Traumatic brain injury, machine learning, biostatistics, geospatial artificial intelligence
Sheida MajouniShaida Majouni

Research interests: Machine learning, Health care, Deep learning, Pattern recognition.
Syed Asil Ali NaqviSyed Naqvi
Research interests: Machine Learning, Data Mining, and Clinical Decision Support Systems
Jaber Rad
Research interests: Bioinformatics and computational biology; Cancer Modelling and Simulation; Information Visualization (Specially applications in biological data visualization); Multi-Agent Systems – Agent-Oriented Programming

Master’s Scholars

Kranthi Kiran JalakamKranthi Kiran Jalakam
Research interests: