Welcome to NICHE Research Group

The NICHE (kNowledge Intensive Computing for Healthcare Enterprises) Research Group conducts inter-disciplinary research in advancing knowledge technologies and developing innovative knowledge-centric solutions targeting healthcare enterprises. Our research programs interleaves scientific investigations in knowledge management with the development of practical health informatics solutions to help address the knowledge gaps inherent within healthcare enterprises. In this way, our research program purports a translation of scientific research to practical solutions.

The NICHE group pursues research in the interrelated areas of: 

Knowledge management Health informatics

(1) Semantic Web

(2) Knowledge Modeling

(3) Intelligent Systems

(4) Information Personalization

(5) Semantic Analytics

(1) Clinical Decision Support

(2) Health Data Analytics

(3) Mobile Health

(4) Personalized Patient Support Programs

(5) Behaviour Modeling

The unifying theme of the NICHE research group is healthcare knowledge management, where the group conducts research in knowledge-centric technologies to computerize, operationalize and translate healthcare knowledge (such as clinical guidelines, medical literature, behavioural theories, health-oriented social networks and health data) in order to provide point-of-need decision support services for care providers, patients, researchers and administrators.

The NICHE group provides a unique research environment whereby researchers and students from computer science, health informatics, health, and medicine work in a collaborative framework to address various healthcare delivery issues through innovative knowledge-centric solutions. The NICHE group has a wide range expertise and experience in health informatcis and knowledge management, and is actively involved in a range of R&D projects funded by government agencies, healthcare institutions and industry.

The NICHE group welcomes new collaborators, new ideas and new research projects, so feel free to contact us at niche@cs.dal.ca.

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