Past Members


  1. Ashraf Abusharekh.

Post Doctoral Fellows

  1. Raquel Dias.
  2. Enayat Rajabi. Research interests: Linked Data; Semantic Web; eLearning Technologies; Database; Digital Signature and PKI.
  3. Borna Jafarpour. Research interests: Semantic Web; Health Informatics; Clinical Decision Support Systems; Soft Computing.
  4. Sangwhan Cha. Research interests: Mobile Computing; Software Engineering; Parallel and Distributed Computing; Big Data Analysis; Health Informatics.
  5. Newres Al Haider. Research interests: Ontologies; Reasoning; Software Engineering; Graph Mining; Graph Databases; BigData.
  6. Greg Michael Lee. Research interests: Artificial Intelligence; Personalized Information; Machine Learning.

PhD Scholars

  1. Ali Daniyal. Research interests: Automated Planning; Clinical Workflow Modelling and Analysis; Semantic Web; Semantic Web Services; Machine Learning.
  2. Abhinav Kumar Singh. Research interests: Medical Text Analytics; Data Mining; Ontology Engineering; Semantic Web; Health Informatics.
  3. Borna Jafarpour. Ontology Merging Using Semantically-Defined Merge Criteria And Owl Reasoning Services: Towards Execution-Time Merging Of Multiple Clinical Workflows To Handle Comorbidities, Dalhousie University, December 2013.
  4. Samuel Stewart. Knowledge Translation In Online Communities Of Practice: Utilizing Social Network And Semantic Content Analyses To Link Healthcare Practitioners To The “Right” Knowledge Sources, Dalhousie University, December 2013.
  5. Syed Sajjad Hussain. K-MORPH: Knowledge morphing via reconciliation of contextualized sub-ontologies, Dalhousie University, March 2011.

Master’s Students

  1. Syed Faizan.
  2. Benjamin Rose-Davis. Research interests: Health Informatics, knowledge translation, user engagement and empowerment.
  3. Jamey Martell. Research interests: eHealth, Health Informatics, Computerized Decision Support Systems, Data Mining, Predictive Analytics, Patient Engagement and Self-Management.
  4. Ali Naserian Mojadam. Research interests: Health Informatics, eHealth, mHealth, Patient Education, Health Technology Assessment, Patient and Public Engagement, Health Promotion via eHealth Technologies, Smart Health Management, Interactive Technologies.
  5. Suria Kala Subbu. Research interests: Semantic Web, Database and ETL.
  6. Wasif Hasan BaigA semantic web based knowledge management framework to model behaviour change constructs for generation of personalized action plans, Dalhousie University, September 2015.
  7. Amina Russel. Shared Decision Making: Managing Non-critical Chronic Illness by Combining Behavioural and Decision Theory with Online Technology, Dalhousie University, 2015.
    Winner of the 2015 Steven Huesing Award!
  8. Ahmad Marwan Ahmad. Research interests: Knowledge Translation; Professional Behavior Change; Health Informatics; Clinical Decision Support Systems; Knowledge Management; Healthcare Systems; Clinical Epidemiology; Health Services Research.
  9. Ehsan Maghsoudlou. Research interests: Clinical guideline based decision supporting: Utilization of computerized clinical guidelines and decision supporting engines to support clinical decision making.
  10. Hani Nabeel Mufti. Research interests: Data Mining; Big Data; Data Analytics; Knowledge Management; Clinical Decision Support; Patient Outcomes Research; Shared Decision Making in medicine & Patient Centric Care.
  11. Nelofar Kureshi. Personalized Medicine: Development of a Predictive Computational Model for Personalized Therapeutic Interventions, (Co-Supervisor), Dalhousie University, August 2013.
  12. Ali Haider Zaidi. An OWL Ontoogy for Modeling HL-7 Compliant Electronic Patient Records for Chronic Disease Management, Dalhousie University, December 2012.
  13. Shirin Sharif. Characterization of a Longitudinal Care Plan Model For Managing Chronic Diseases: A Care Plan Ontology to Computerize Paper-Based Care Plans, Dalhousie University, April 2012.
  14. Nima Hashemian. Modeliing Clinical Pathways as Business Process Models Using Business Process Modeling Notation, Dalhousie University, March 2012.
  15. Syed Farrukh Mehdi. Exploiting Semantics and Syntax for service Specification and Signature Matching: The S5 Web Service Matchmaker, Dalhousie University, December 2011.
  16. Mostafa Omaish. Ontology-based Knowledge Model for an ACS Management Clinical Guideline: Handling Updates and Institutional Priorities, Dalhousie University, December 2011.
  17. Ashraf M Iqbal. An Ontology Based Electronic Medical Record for Chronic Disease Management, Dalhousie University, February 2011.
  18. Ryan Duggan. Knowledge Management Framework for Integrated Virtual Clinics, Dalhousie University, April 2010.
  19. Brett Taylor. Interactive Syndromic Surveillance Using Visualization Techniques, Dalhousie University, August 2009.
  20. Muzammil Bashir Ahmed. Ontology Modeling for Nursing Care Plans and Clinical Practice Guidelines, Dalhousie University, April 2009.
  21. Shapoor Shayegani. Knowledge Modeling to Develop a Clinical Practice Guideline Ontology: Towards Computerization and Merging of Clinical Practice Guidelines, Dalhousie University, September 2007.
  22. Katrina Hurley. Practice-Oriented Knowledge Abstraction in Development of an Ontology to Model Clinical Pathways, Dalhousie University, May 2007.
  23. Philip O’Brien. Semantic Web Approach for Context-Aware Knowledge Sharing, Dalhousie University, March 2007.
  24. Selana Davis. Personalization of Cardiovascular Risk Management Using Linkages of SCORE and Behaviour Change Readiness to Web-based Education, Dalhousie University, August 2006.
  25. Aliko Mwakatobe. Information Personalization on the Semantic Web Using Reasoning, Dalhousie University, August 2006.
  26. Yan Zeng. Pursuing Information Personalization as a Constraint Satisfaction Problem, Dalhousie University, December 2005.
  27. Zeina Chedrawy. PRECISE: A Hybrid of Item-Based Collaborative Filtering and Case Based Reasoning for Contextual Information Personalization, Dalhousie University, July 2005.
  28. Sanjun Yan. Using Unsupervised Learning Methods to Sub-classify Optic Disk Damage Images, Dalhousie University, April 2005.
  29. Xuan Hu. Evaluating Discretization Techniques to Discretize Visual Field Data, Dalhousie University, April 2005.
  30. Qingshuang Jiang. Discovering Generalized Symbolic Rule from Un-annotated Data: A Hybrid of Rough Sets and Attribute Oriented Induction, Dalhousie University, April 2005.
  31. Jin Yu. A Hybrid Feature Selection Method Classifying Optic Nerve Images, Dalhousie University, April 2005.
  32. Brent Jones. Leveraging Clinical Practice Guidelines to Develop Objective User Models for Customizing Healthcare Information to Manage High Cholesterol, Dalhousie University, September 2004.

Research Associates

  1. Nima Hashemian. Research interests: Healthcare knowledge management; Clinical Practice guidelines (modelling and computerization); Workflows Languages; Semantic web services.