Enayat Rajabi

About Me

I am a Post-Doctoral Fellow at the NICHE Research Group at Dalhousie University. I got my PhD in the Computer Science department of University of Alcala in Spain. My PhD thesis was about “Interlinking educational data to Web of Data”, in which I applied the Semantic Web technologies to interlink several eLearning datasets to the LOD cloud.

My research interests:

  • Linked Data
  • Semantic Web
  • eLearning Technologies
  • Health Informatics
  • Information System



Enayat Rajabi; Syed Sibte Raza Abidi

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Educational records

* 2012-2015 | Graduate-PhD (Universidad de Alcala), Spain
Computer Engineering – Knowledge Engineering
– Thesis Title: Interlinking Educational Data to Web of Data

* 2001-2004 | Graduate-M.Sc. (Ferdowsi University), Mashhad, Iran
Computer Engineering – Software Major
GPA: 18.24 out of 20 (32 Units)
– M.S.c Thesis Title:
Design and implementation a management framework on Jini

* 1997-2001 | Undergraduate-B.Sc. (Razi University), Kermanshah, Iran
Computer Engineering – Software Major
GPA: 15.65 out of 20 (140 Units)
– B.S.c Thesis Title:
Implementation of an ISP Accounting for university Users


Teaching experiences


* 2007 – 2012 | Islamic Azad University-Saveh Branch (Faculty member) | http://www.iau-saveh.ac.ir
• “Data Structure”,
• “Database & Database Laboratory”,
• “Programming Language (C/C++)”,
• “Scientific and Technical Presentation Methods”
• “Fundemental of Object- Oriented Design”

* 2006-2009 | Islamic Azad University-West Tehran Branch | http://www.wtiau.ac.ir
• “Programming Language (Visual Basic/C)”
• “Web Programming Language(HTML/ASP)”
• “Database”

* 2002 -2008 | University of Applied Science and Technology | http://www.aust.ac.ir
• “Programming Language And Advanced”(Pascal/C/C++/Visual Basic)
• “Data Structure in C & C++”
• “Web Programming Language (HTML/VBScript/JavaScript)”
• “Database”

* 2004 (Spring) | Faculty of Economics and Business | http://www.ses.ac.ir
• “ICDL”

* 2003 (Summer) | Islamic Azad University- Center Tehran Branch | http://www.iauctb.ac.ir
• “Computer Programming”


* Email:

* Website: